Switch & Board – DC Podcast Studio

The Studio

Switch and Board is at Connecticut and Q in Dupont Circle. With the capacity to host up to 4 people plus the engineer, it is an ideal space and location for local podcasters. Whether it’s live-streaming, Youtube videos, hosting, or just audio, Switch and Board is prepared to deliver.

Switch and Board is on a mission to make podcasting as accessible as possible. We call it the “Affordable Podcast Act”. What does that mean? It means that we have the best prices of any professional podcast recording studio in the area. And it means that we want to bring podcasting to the voices of DC. DC has such a uniquely diverse population with a broad range of life experiences, education, and ideas. DCers always have something to say and we literally want to provide the mic for them to do it.

We are lowering the barrier to access by providing a fully equipped studio ready for audio recording and video streaming and our own team to engineer podcasters through their sessions.

The Services

podcast studio rental
Discounted prices for members

Record your podcast at the Switch and Board studio for as low as $100 per hour* of studio time for members. Our Switch and Board sound engineer will take your podcast from dream to reality. Just show up and start talking!

PIZ Optics
Discounted prices for members

Live streaming is a great way to reach those who prefer visual content to audio alone. Switch and Board has dual cameras to catch your good side in the right light. Your livestream will work on Instagram Stories, Facebook, or YouTube.

livestream studio
Discounted prices for members

Be like Joe Rogan- livestream your podcast and promote both! 

Podcast studio
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Sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or annual membership for discounts. Contact us for details.

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*Additional fees may apply.