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4 Reasons to Rent a Studio for Your Podcast

There are many ways to record a podcast on your own. You can record, edit, and upload podcasts right from your phone. Just find a quiet space and get the recording. 

So know, you don’t need to rent a studio space to record a podcast. Recording a podcast on your device and uploading is the easy part. 

HOWEVER, there are a lot of hidden challenges in podcast creation that you may not know about. 

These are the top 4 reasons it’s best to rent a studio to record your podcast.

1. Accountability

Many of us are overloaded. If you don’t have an active social life, at least one side-hustle, and/or regular family obligations, then you might just be struggling to consume all the premium streaming content you love so much. 

Breaking your routine and eking out time to take on anything new is hard. It’s like a new year’s resolution to get in shape. You might go for one ambitious run, or download a yoga app and then life gets in the way. Soon you’re walking and talking on the phone during your “run” and letting your yoga tutorial run on silent while catching up on the latest season of The Walking Dead. I think we all know what I’m talking about. 

Renting a studio to record your podcast is like having a gym membership and a gym buddy at the same time. 

Renting a studio to record your podcast is like having a gym membership and a gym buddy at the same time. There’s a place you have to be at a certain every week and a person you’ll let down if you don’t show up. Because sometimes being held accountable is all that’s between you and your goals.

2. Regularity

Ok so, you’re one of those organized, responsible people who really follow through on their goals. Good for you! You’re ahead of the game. But that’s just half of the battle. 

Devout listeners only flock to devout podcasters.

Much like parenting, your listenership requires consistency. Devout listeners only flock to devout podcasters. Providing them with stability is key. That means that podcast episodes must be released on a regular schedule. This gives your listeners something to look forward to. It makes them feel safe. If you’re good at what you do, your listeners will look forward to hearing your voice on a regular schedule. 

Even if you can record reliability, you will still need to edit, upload, and promote your episodes. Editing can double your recording time depending on what kind of podcast you’re doing and did you know that you need to submit your episodes to Apple two days before you want them in your listeners’ ears? Then there’s promotion. That’s spamming (without actually spamming) your followers with social media posts before, after, and during, releasing an episode. If you haven’t managed a professional social media account before, you may not realize how much work it is. Ya, social media is only fun until you have to do it. 

Renting a studio space to record your podcast takes out most of that headache, so you can get your episodes out with a regularity that your listeners will appreciate. 

3. Quality Consistency

Ya, you can record in your house or apartment. Go for it. But what happens when the one night you have to record, the tenants upstairs decide to have a dinner party? Or the neighbor’s dog gets excited about the squirrel out the window? What if your microphone craps out for no reason, or something goes wrong with your software? 

Podcasting is emerging from its wild west days with a lot of big media companies producing very high-quality podcasts. That’s right, you’re competing against Big Podcast. Many listeners can’t get through an episode until it’s polished and clean. Even if you have a good track record, if you release an episode with compromised quality, you will lose listeners. 

Renting a podcast studio to record your podcast will give you consistent studio-quality recordings every time. If there is a malfunction, your audio engineer will have the resources to solve it, so that you can release on time at the quality your listenership has come to know and love.

4. Troubleshooting

There are a lot of quirks to our gadgets, their software, and hardware. Sometimes an app freezes, sometimes your internet goes wonky, or sometimes your carefully crafted podcast episode is rejected from Apple for reasons you don’t quite understand. Or sometimes when you go back to listen to your episode after 2 hours of recording nothing is there because you forgot to press play! It happens to the best of them. Anyone of these “quirks” is enough to make an already overloaded, tired podcaster throw in the towel.

Here’s the difference between regular people and sound engineers or IT specialists: they don’t throw in the towel. They have backups to protect against these “quirks” and they don’t work on it until they want to pull out their hair and walk away, they work on it until it’s solved. 

This, for many, is the warm blanket they need. I know it’s my favorite part of having a studio behind me. 

So if you’re on the fence about renting studio space to record your podcast, consider these 4 benefits they provide. 


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  2. Breanna says:

    Thank you for this! This put a lot of things into perspective for me! As me and my business partner are in the process of building our own podcast! I sooooo appreciate this!!!!

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